Saturday, December 5, 2009


Tuesday was a good day. I started Tuesday at about 6:30 at Starbucks, writing and having coffee with a warm cinnamon roll. Starbucks now has ovens that make the cinnamon roll soft and tasty. Warm cinnamon rolls with coffee make me feel good – real good. My friend Tom happened to stop in and sat down to say hi. Having a warm cinnamon roll and coffee with a friend is even better. But I didn’t offer to share my cinnamon roll with Tom, but I think it was ok, he’s one of those guys that only eats really healthy things, like apples.

When I drove up to The Grove I stopped to watch Butch pour the footings for our new sign. This made me very happy. I’ve wished for a front entrance sign for three years! Plus I love construction, maybe because it means something new is happening. I could tell Tuesday was going to be a very good day.

Somewhere around nine Colby and Matt came in my office to tell me about the Christmas songs
they wanted to sing this Sunday. I like Christmas songs, they make me think about Christmas, and Christmas always makes me feel warm and good. My favorite memories as a kid all seem to have something to do with Christmas.

At noon my very attractive wife stopped by with a turkey and cranberry sandwich. I love turkey and cranberry sandwiches but I only get to eat them around Thanksgiving. Fortunately, after Thanksgiving, we get to eat the stuff for about a month.

Our staff meeting started at one. I like our staff. They are all gifted… and cool. I secretly believe The Grove has the best staff in America. On Tuesday I felt very fortunate to be a part of leading The Grove.

Later that afternoon I left the office in a hurry because my freshman son took the wrong color jersey to his Perry High basketball game at Corona. I took him the blue one. We made it before tip-off. Watching my sons play sports is one of my favorite things I get to do as a dad.

At halftime my 11 year-old son and I got hot dogs, chips, and a Dr. Pepper. Eating junk food while you heckle the referees and watch your son play basketball makes the game even sweeter.

As soon as the Freshman game was over, the JV game started. My 16 year-old son plays on the Perry JV basketball team. It was a two-fer Tuesday!

I really wanted them to beat Corona because my friends Gary and Tim always talk about the state championships they won at Corona and how Corona is Arizona’s basketball powerhouse. After trailing the entire game Perry took the lead with two minutes to play… and won!

It may have been just another Tuesday, but this was a Tuesday that God filled with so much good. I think he does that more often than we realize, we just don’t bother to notice.

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