Saturday, July 3, 2010


I spent the last two weeks bouncing and sloshing across Liberia's rugged roads, with our team of 29 from The Grove, to four of the country's largest cities, Yekepa, Ganta, Buchannan, and Monrovia. The message we carried, the message I preached was LOVE IS BETTER THAN WAR.

War messed up Liberia for 15 years and everyone in Liberia is ready for something better, something new: that's why we carried the message that the love of Jesus Christ is so much better than the bitterness of war.

I spent my second day in Liberia in Karnpleh, a town near the Ivorian boarder. Karnpleh is where the war started. Karnpleh is where Charles Taylor recruited his first boy soldiers. So Karnpleh was the town we chose to start THE LOVE LIBERIA PROJECT, and it was in Karnpleh that we began telling all Liberians why Love is Better than War.

Hit play and let Scott Erickson tell you about our day in Karmpleh:


  1. Thank you for sharing. The singing makes me long for my life in Liberia

  2. I just wanted to thank you for "True Religion."

    I blogged my reaction to it today:

    And your words have moved off the page to change my life -- and hopefully the lives of countless children in Guatemala.

    I can't thank you enough.

    All's grace,
    Ann Voskamp