Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is Madden. I’m guessing Madden is about six months old. I met Madden when I was walking through the Chimpampa village in Malawi with high schoolers from The Grove, going hut to hut distributing mosquito nets. Madden was sitting on his mothers lap, on a bamboo mat, in front of their mud hut. I thought Madden was awesome.

Madden is why we keep giving away mosquito nets in Africa. You see, every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies of malaria. The net we left for Madden really might save his life. That’s the hope.

This is Moses. I’ve known Moses for quite a few years. I ran into Moses when we were back in Malawi last month, it was really good to see an old friend. But Moses’ story is quite a bit different from Madden’s. Moses is why I first started asking people at The Grove to give nets away in Malawi. Moses had baby twin daughters, about Madden’s age. They both contracted malaria. And before he could tell me or anyone else who could help… they died. I didn’t even know they were sick until Moses asked me if I could help pay for their coffins.

Every time I return to Malawi I give Moses a hand full of mosquito nets -- even though it feels WAY too late -- I know he has three more children who need the nets. I really wish I had nets to give away when Moses’ tiny girls needed them.

But it’s not too late for Madden, and all the other toddlers in Malawi. That’s the hope. That’s why we keep giving away nets in Africa.


  1. I just read and reviewed your book True Religion on my blog. Thank you so much for a wonderful and challenging read. You got a glowing review from me!

  2. Rev. Palmer loves Africa and the Africans inhabiting the continent. He is one Missionary Model with God's True Religion in practice. Many people say a lot of great things about the poverty, sufferings,and the needs of the poor African. Many have great wishes and plans of how to help the poor African child, or widow, but they never materialise to anything. But take a closer look at Palmer, he does not just wish it, or say it, or plan it, and it all ends there; HE DOES THE WORK RIGHT ON THE AFRICAN SOIL.
    He constructs widows shelters, provides mosquito nets to fight malaria, but above all of these, His PREACHING OF THE WORD gives hope in Christ to the masses.
    Palmers work in Missions especially in the villages of Africa is God's work. It is challenging, and motivating to many others who are witnessing, hearing, and reading about Palmers dedication to the Lords work. Palmer, you are saving souls for God's kingdom, giving hope to the hopeless Malawian child and widows,and you are injecting a passion to many people to practice what they preach.You are opening the eyes of the West to the African suffering, and motivating the West to DO something on the soils of Africa in Christ Jesus.
    May God Bless Palmer Chinchen and His Ministries, and Open new doors of provisions for him so that He can continue to be a blessing to Africa and the African.